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(Meritorious member)

  I – fan club registration/registration:

a)      Every fan of JEAN FILIPE who wishes to become official must fill out the form on the website or send an email to the address:, filling in all the data requested at the end of this agenda and mentioning the following information in the email:


In the subject: official fan club registration

In the message: registration form for FC JF meritorious partner.


Note: at this stage it will not be necessary to send fan registration, only the number of fans registered with FC must be informed in your response.


II-  fan registration:

b)      The fan must fill out the fan registration form completely, providing all the data requested therein.

c)      The fan registration form will be provided by FC JF OFFICIAL in response to the FC registration email.

d)     The fan registration form must be completed and sent to FC JF OFFICIAL for verification and final officialization by FC.


III- the fan club will be made official when:

a)      Have at least 20 registered fans (to begin with).

b)      Have an email with the name of the FC for contact.

c)      Have a page with the name of the FC in digital promotional media, such as:  twitter, Facebook, Instagram, photolog, blog, to publicize the FC in general.

d)     The maintenance of an official FC will depend on the achievement of the goals to be established by the OFFICIAL FC within the period established in the presentation of these goals.


IV- names of fan clubs:

Under no circumstances will an FC that has a name with a pejorative meaning (a word used in a nasty, obscene or simply unpleasant and/or derogatory sense) be made official.


V- promotion and sweepstakes:

a)      Every official FC may carry out promotions and sweepstakes for their registered fans, as long as they are fully responsible for the organization, promotion and awards.

b)      Whenever an official club wishes to participate in the promotion of FC JF OFFICIAL of a promotion created by them, they can inform their promotion via email jeanspagnol@live .com mentioning in the subject of the email: promotion and draw, and in the message describe the promotion, informing its rules (if any), in which media the promotion will be publicized and carried out and also informing the benefit or prize to be drawn .

c)      FC OFFICIAL will also carry out promotions for its permanent members and meritorious members (official fan clubs).

d)     When FC OFFICIAL carries out promotions and draws for permanent members, the winner will benefit directly.

e)      When the FC OFFICIAL carries out promotions and draws for worthy members (official FC), the FC winner of the promotion must always draw the prize again among their registered fans.


VI- FC identification t-shirts:

 a)      FC JF OFFICIAL will have its official t-shirt with the FC logo and will be sold in accordance with its statutes.

 b)      Every official FC will also be able to create and sell its official t-shirt with its own logo, as long as it respects the status of the FC JF OFFICIAL for its marketing.

 c)      Logos with rude, obscene or simply unpleasant and/or derogatory meanings will not be authorized. At risk of disqualification of the associated FC, whenever an FC has doubts about the legitimacy of the image to be used, they must contact us via e-mail and mention in the subject: logo/image verification , which we will be analyzing and returning to whether or not it is released.


VII- other FC promotion objectives:

 a)      Every official FC may produce and sell other JEANFILIPE promotional objects, such as:  caps, bags, shoes, among others, as long as their commercialization and creation is carried out in accordance with our statute.


VII – final provisions:

 a)      FC JEANFILIPE OFFICIAL will always be available to its members to assist in any way possible, seeking the necessary clarifications, through its official email jeanspagnol

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