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Little sonJoatuba, like his father, Jean developed his passion for music at the age of 9, after hearing the success story of the duo "Leandro and Leonardo" on a radio program at the time, the famous "Zé Bettio". 


His father, noticing his son's talent, always found a way to show his support, and one thing that stood out was giving him as a gift a cassette tape of the duo "Zezé di Camargo e Luciano", which also appeared on the radio charts shortly after. time after.


Okay, from then on the boy didn't stop, and coincidences bite me, both Leonardo, Zezé and Luciano marked the career of the composer CAPIXABA and became a true business card, opening the doors of Brazil to Jean's works, which gives us the certainty that only God can transform utopia into reality. 

The story is long, you can't take all your patience, so theTake the opportunity to follow me on social media, discover my discography and everything we have built under the eyes and blessings of God.

"When you go to Espírito Santo, visit the artist's charming hometown, to find out where clickhere

"God be praised and to him all honor and glory"

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